Nornbreeds for Creatures 3

Here I collected all my breeds with own sprites and new genomes for Creatures 3. You can find an installation manual in the readme file.

Help can be found at the Creatures Wiki:

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Dreamnorns   Butterflynorns
>> Download Dreamnorns <<
Geat Slot F
Modified Chichi Genome
Author: Amanora
  >> Download Butterflynorns <<
Geat Slot A
modified Chichi Genome
Author: Kathira / Amanora
Floranorns   Rainbownorns
>> Download Floranorns <<
Geat Slot I
Modified Chichi Genome
Author: Kathira / Amanora
  >> Download Rainbownorns <<
Modified Chichi/Standard Genome
Author: Amanora